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                Stock Code
                Shuanghuan Driveline
                40+ years focus on the core components of mechanical driveline
                Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline Co., Ltd, since founded in 1980, we focus on R & D, manufacturing, sales and service for gear and its assembly as the mechanical driveline core components. It is one of the world's leading professional manufacturers and service providers. Its products cover traditional vehicles, commercial vehicle, new energy vehicles, rail transit, off-road machinery, industrial robots, consumer field gear, energy equipment and other industries worldwide.
                40 +
                Founded in 1980
                USD 1.4 B+
                Production Capacity
                10 +
                Global Subsidiaries
                6000 +
                National/Industry Standards
                Product Appliction
                The main product appliction cover the powertrain and transmission devices of automobiles, including transmissions, transfer cases and so on, power drive devices for new energy vehicles such as hybrid transmissions, various pure electric drive motors and reduction gears, deceleration and transmission devices in off-road machinery(including construction machinery and agricultural machinery), and driving and transmission application scenarios in multiple industries such as rail transit, wind power generation, power tools, and robot automation.